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Music to create by

I love listening to music while I'm creating. Sometimes I stumble upon an artist, album or song that inspires me more than others.
I was watching Grey's Anatomy earlier this week and “Skin” by Zola Jesus was playing. I have never heard of her before but when I heard the song in the background I knew I had to hear the rest of it. I got hold of her album (Conatus)and can't stop listening to it. Listening to it tonight while I started my art journal I was in a creative zone like I haven't been in for some time. If I didn't have this nasty upper respiratory tract infection I would have been compelled to burst into song. I think the first page of my art journal will be dedicated to her.
Another artist I recently discovered (also through a soundtrack) is Francesca Battistelli. Her song “It's Your Life” features on Soul Surfer. When I heard the first few lines I could have sworn I was listening to Kim Walker-Smith from Jesus Culture. She sings “happy” Christian songs and I love listening to her music while I'm creating.
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